What does SELFLOVE. require?


This is a question to ourself. A attribute a lot of us question ourselves on daily.

Not a typical post.

Do we have it.

This post is geared towards sitting with ourselves on this question.

What does SELFLOVE require? Am I living this way? Am I practicing this?

We all have our own way of how we view the word SELF and LOVE.

So how do we view these two words together?

Are we focusing on everyones stupid opinion of us?

A lot of us get caught up in that one. We all fall short of this.

Does practicing this bring us any peace or any certainty in our life?

Will practicing SELFLOVE everyday contribute to our growth as human beings?

How does this word make you FEEL inside?

Will accomplishing our goals and desires become more of an ease on our minds? Maybe?

What does SELFLOVE. require?