How can we get pieces of fabric to embody sentiments of Self Love and Self Awareness?

A challenging questions that we are faced with everyday. Ever since we officially launched wäke this has always been our mission, to connect with people all over the world on their personal Self Love journey.

Designing and creating things is our passion but we find purpose in understanding that through our own personal growth journeys, sharing the process with others is something profound that will result in overall better things in the world. We believe wäke is much greater than than clothing, rather a community, something we all have to rely and feel connect to through the grueling battles of everyday, that’s what this all is about.

FW19 Eye See. Sweatshirts

FW19 Eye See. Sweatshirts

We started wake a year ago with almost nothing, out of our own pockets we started this company and we will never be able to thank everyone enough that has supported us over the past year, you all have really been the biggest attribute in helping this company grow.

Thinking back on the launch of pieces like the SELFLOVE. T Shirt and Eye See. Sweatshirt brings back so many memories, all of the emotions and excitement from such successful drops, we couldn’t be more thankful. Moments like this has really pushed us in the direction we needed to go, so much love to everyone that has one of these pieces in their wardrobe.

Many of you that have shopped with wake over the past year are aware of how we release our clothing, limited and no restock! BUT I promise we will at least keep the SELFLOVE. T Shirt around, here and there.

The SELFLOVE. T Shirt is somewhat a time stamp at wäke, it marked the time that we created one of our original T Shirts that will be around probably forever, it’s boldness is so important to the brand, so we’ll need to keep that one around for you guys.

Really just wanted to write this to share the process with you guys a little as we don’t do this enough… not in this way at least. Starting up a brand from scratch is NOT easy! It is a roller coaster. BUT it is so worth it. Over the next year you can expect a lot more from wäke, more clothing, more content, more events, just more cool things.

This Fall Winter Season we’ve been able to create some of the pieces we’ve been wanting to for awhile now, the process can be very tiring at times, from coming up with the ideas, to staying up to 3-4am in the morning going back and forth with the factories in China to finalize things, to getting back up at 7am and take care of family, then get back to work on this idea we call wäke. It’ll all be worth it.

We’re hoping to get some more events going in the coming months so keep an out for that.

Dream Millions, wake in Chicago. Pop Up Shop 2019

Dream Millions, wake in Chicago. Pop Up Shop 2019

Order Fulfillment

Order Fulfillment

Coming back to the question of How can we get pieces of fabric to embody sentiments of Self Love and Self Awareness?

I think the only way for us to achieve this is through the stories you guys already contribute to this brand. Without you, there would be no story. So thank you!


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